“Flower Power” Yoni Steam Blend

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“Flower Power” Yoni Steam Blend

Uva Ursi
Raspberry Leaf
Yarrow Flower
Sage leaf
Rose petals

“Flower Power” blend is made of herbs that are specifically made for the womb. The healing properties of these herbs help ease symptoms of PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS, Menstrual cramping, PH imbalance, Fibroids, Yeast & discomfort. These herbs are not a treatment, if you have a health condition please consult your physician.
Steaming at least once a week is recommended for proven results.
It is important to note that yoni steaming is not to be done while on your cycle or while pregnant.
*disclaimer* Not FDA Approved, these are my natural remedies that I use as an alternative way of healing.

Yoni Steam Benefits

• prevent/ease menstrual cramps
• regulate menstrual cycle
• cleanse and tone the reproductive system
• heal the womb
• increase fertility
• clear congestions from the womb
• increase circulation & lubrication
• ease menopause symptoms
• speed healing & toning after birth
• reduce fibroids & cysts
• reduce pain from endometriosis
• strengthen uterus
• relieve urinary tract infections
• relieve stress
• create a space for relaxation